Build Garlic-Player for Android

Builds for Android do not require any further libs like the desktop variants. Garlic-player will use the integrated Android WebView and Media-API. Therefore, garlic-player supports the same codecs and browser features as the underlying Android.

Mandatory Knowledge

You should be familiar with C++, Java, Qt, and qt creator on your operating system. Furthermore, you need to know how to install JDK or OpenJDK (Linux) Android SDK and NDK to work with qt creator.

Build Order

The build process Garlic-player for Android requires this order:

  1. zlib
  2. quazip
  3. garlic-lib
  4. player-c2qml

Compiling of player-2qml will create an unsigned debug APK and the run process deploy it to your device or virtualization.

Automation and Signed Release APK

If you want to create a signed APK, have a look at the Android build script in the script directory.

The script is used with a Jenkins build server, and signs the app automatically.