Build Instructions

Learn about the build instructions for different operating systems. Garlic-player is split in garlic-lib and a player component. Take player-c2qml for mobile systems. It based on QML. Fore desktops use the widget library player-widget.

Of course, you can try the QML player for desktop, too, but according to our experience, the widget library is technically more mature and give lesser problems in the past.

Basic Requirements

  • A C++ compiler. For Windows Visual Studio Community 2017, GCC for Linux and clang for macOS/Android.
  • The open-source version of Qt. See on Qt-Website which platforms are supported by your selected Qt-Version.
  • Qt 5.11 until Qt 5.15 (Qt 5.12.12 recommend)

    Unfortunately, you cannot use Qt6 because The Qt Company removed QXmlPatterns, which is required for the XPath support described under conditional play.

  • Qt Creator
  1. Build for Desktop

    How to build garlic-player for standard Linux, macOS, and Windows

  2. Build for Android

    The Android build process has a few differences