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  • Windows x64
  • Linux
  • Android Armv7
  • macOS


HTML5 and SMIL are licence-free open industry standards.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Signage Player?

A Digital Signage Player is a media player which plays different content formats fetched from Internet or USB. They divide screens into different zones and their playlists contains orders. In addition, they offer reporting functions and possess more intelligence than the everyday media players we use regularly.

A Player for Digital Signage supports multiple monitors and is an important part of a Digital Signage Solution. Their formats can be images, videos, web pages as well as widgets. Therefore, they have to meet high security requirements.

What is a SMIL Player?

A SMIL Player is a Digital Signage Player which uses the language SMIL for creating playlists.

SMIL is an XML dialect which is standardized by the Word Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Exactly like HTML! The language describes playlists, time synchronizations, screen layouts, interactions, and a lot more usable magic things for presentations.

SMIL covers nearly every requirement for digital signage and can be extended easily. It is open documented and can be used by everyone without license or NDA hassle.

What is Garlic-Player?

Garlic is a SMIL compatible Open Source, and operating system independent Digital Signage Player
The player can be used online and offline. It works with SMIL compatible Digital Signage Software.

  • Supports different content formats like images, videos, html5, websites and widgets
  • Plays most codecs without requiring codec packages.
  • No spyware, no advertising and no user tracking.
  • Protect your digital signage solution against a vendor lock-in
  • Usage via command-line for scripting in Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Why Open Source Digital Signage?

Open Source Digital Signage based on SMIL make your business less independent, more secure, and establish a culture of cooperation. You save costs, did not reinvent the wheel, and have complete transparency.

Why SMIL Source Digital Signage and not HTML?

HTML is a language to create documents, while SMIL is a language to create presentations. These are totally different concepts. With SMIL, you can schedule and synchronize your media assets. Reinventing the wheel with JavaScript in HTML to get same functionallity is a waste of time. You schedule Websites and Widgets in SMIL as interactive applications.


Digital Signage Features


Command line options [options] SMIL_INDEX

-h, --help Displays this help.
-v, --version displays version information.
-m, --windows-mode fullscreen, bigmultiscreen or windowed
-z, --windows-size e.g. 980x540
-s, --screen-select selected screen number

Arguments: SMIL_INDEX Path to SMIL index

App commands (Hotkeys)

  • Toogle fullscreen with Ctrl-F
  • Toogle bigscreen with Ctrl-B
  • Quit app with Ctrl-Q
  • Open configuration dialog with Ctrl-S

Downloads Garlic - Digital Signage Player


  • For Debian 10 or Ubuntu 18.04 or greater you can compile garlic-player easily with this tutorial.
  • On Android, activate the “Install from Unknown Sources”
  • On macOS, disable the app verification for garlic-player

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