Digital Signage Player for Raspberry PI

Here are the download of GarlicDigital Signage Player for Raspberry Pi OS (64 Bit).

It's important to note that this image is currently in a experimental stage. Users opting to download and implement this OS in their digital signage solutions should be aware that they do so at their own risk, particularly in production environments. The stability and full functionality of this OS are subjects of ongoing development, and as such, caution is advised.

Instructions & Recommendations

Once you have downloaded the OS image, your next step will be to unpack the .xz file to extract the .img file. This image file needs to be copied onto a microSD card of at least 8GB capacity. We recommend using Balena Etcher for this task, as it provides a reliable and user-friendly way to prepare your microSD card. After the image is successfully copied, insert the microSD card into your Raspberry Pi and power it up. From there, simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup of your digital signage player.

It's essential to be aware that this OS image is designed specifically for Raspberry Pi models with a 64-bit processor. We recommend using the Raspberry Pi 4 for optimal performance. However, if you intend to display 4K videos, a Raspberry Pi 5 is advisable to ensure smooth playback and the best visual experience.


Latest developer release (experimental):
latest_raspberrypi64.img.xz - 1.1G June 05, 2024