Occasionally, you want to avoid controlling or maintenance your Digital Signage Player remote. There is also the opportunity to do this locally with a USB-Stick or external hard disk. The USB storage must be formatted with FAT32 file format.

The following functionalities are possible via USB:

Device Configuration

You can configure the WiFi-Settings, the global volume and the Content-Url with a config.xml. Place a file named config.xml in the root-directory of a USB stick and insert it into your Android device.

Create config.xml manually

The config.xml should look like this:

		<prop name="net.wifi.enabled" value="true"/>
		<prop name="net.wifi.ssid" value="YOUR_SSID"/>
		<prop name="net.wifi.authentication" value="OPEN|WEP|WPAPSK|WPA2PSK"/>
		<prop name="net.wifi.password" value="YOUR_PASSWORDD"/>
		<prop name="content.serverUrl" value="YOUR_PATH_OR_URI_TO_SMIL_INDEX"/>

Install Player Updates

Download the latest garlic-player version.

Copy the file to root directory of your USB storage and name it garlic-player.apk.

After installation, the player will reboot. Remove the USB storage while booting. Otherwise, the installation repeats.