SMIL: The Essentials

The fastest way to enter the SMIL world. A first introduction, how to create digital signage solutions with SMIL.

You should go through the lessons one by one. This will give you an overview of the opportunities. After the first four lessons, you can basically create simple playlists. The next four lessons are for advance SMIL controls. Lesson 9 and higher are not SMIL standards but works in most SMIL based digital signage player same or similar..

  1. The SMIL Index File

    Learn about the structure of a SMIL index.

  2. Media Objects

    Images, videos, audio, widgets and more

  3. Container for Playlists

    Organize the media of your playlist into custom containers

  4. Screen Layout and Multi-Zones

    Split your screen into different zones and assign media to them.

  5. Fetch Content

    Fetch new playlists from the Internet and update your presentations.

  6. Cache Mechanism

    Mechanisms to cache or preload your content.
  7. Trigger

    What are triggers and how to use them

  8. Conditional Play

    Defining conditions when a media can be played.

  9. Request Reports and Logs

    Enable reporting, create playback statistics, or monitor the heartbeat.

  10. Maintenance Tasks

    Reboot, configure and update your digital signage player from the web without having to be on-site.