Build Qt-Lib with Qt Webengine

Why build Qt-lib from scratch?

The Qt Company changed their business model and doesn't release binary LTS builds anymore. The LTS versions were published only in source code a year later.
This is by no means the only problem, as even the purchase of a commercial small business license presents complications when it comes to IoT and the so-called Qt device creation. After a few meetings with the sales department, the conclusion was to stick with the open-source license.

Furthermore, even the binary releases lack certain capabilities in Qt Webengine, such as proprietary codes for playing MP4 within the web browser component of the application. According to the laws of your country, it may be legal for you to activate these features.

Why own Tutorials?

There are also numerous tutorials on the net, but many authors “conveniently” skipped over Qt Webengine. Because this piece of the Qt puzzle has been a pain in the ass for years. It takes forever, uses many resources, and if there are interruptions or non-reproducible cryptic failures, then be assured it usually happens right there.

Unfortunately, we do not have this luxury with digital signage apps like garlic-player. So, good luck and provide feedback on whether it works for you or not.

One of my suspicions after the last years with normal and cross-compiles is, that AMD processors tend to fail more often than Intel. Maybe a core thing.

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